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Colonoscopy in Weston, MA

A colonoscopy is an endoscopic test that looks for abnormalities within the colon, removes polyps, acquires biopsy samples, and screens for colon cancer. This routine diagnostic examination is a relatively simple procedure that involves a colonoscope, a flexible tube equipped with a camera, inserted through the rectum and into the large intestine. A colonoscopy may be carried out to identify the reason for gastrointestinal symptoms, such as diarrhea, bleeding, stomach pain, or abnormal x-ray findings. Dr. Vera Denmark, a board-certified physician in gastroenterology, performs colonoscopies for Weston, MA patients at Denmark Digestive Health. Schedule an appointment today with our practice to learn more about how a colonoscopy can safeguard your colon health.

Following a regimen of prescribed liquid intake for 24 hours prior to your examination and consuming only clear liquids during this period, you'll need to arrange transportation to our facility in Weston, MA for the test. Upon your arrival, you will undergo sedation for the procedure. During the exam, a slim, flexible instrument known as a colonoscope will be gently guided into your rectum and through your colon. This device is equipped with a video camera, which will provide a detailed view of your colon to spot any polyps or irregularities. If necessary, polyps may be removed, or biopsies taken for additional analysis and diagnosis. The duration of the procedure can vary, typically ranging from 15 minutes to an hour, based on the findings. Post-procedure, you will spend time in a recovery area to allow the effects of the sedation to dissipate.

A colonoscopy is the best diagnostic tool against colon cancer development so it is highly important that you schedule this colon cancer screening as advised by your gastroenterologist. Thanks to advancements in technology, these exams have become more comfortable, efficient, and precise. Regular screenings for colon cancer play a significant role in maintaining gastrointestinal health and overall well-being. The benefits of colonoscopy exams include:

  • Providing the most thorough examination for detecting colon and rectal cancers
  • Early detection of signs of colorectal cancer
  • The ability to find and remove polyps that could turn into cancer
  • Diagnosis of conditions, like diverticulosis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), among other GI disorders
  • Potentially saving lives through early detection and intervention

Dr. Vera Denmark is a very patient Physician! She helped me come off the medication and change my diet to prevent me from having acid reflux disease! She is very thorough and thoughtful and always examined me very carefully!

Anonymous Healthgrades

Dr Denmark is welcoming and calming. She is a great listener and does an outstanding job of aligning with the patient to assess patient and symptoms. Dr Denmark explained her analysis of my situation in clear, easy to understand language, and wrote out a plan of action that included all of my concerns. She was able to diagnose a condition that I have had for years, that kept getting worse. No previous Dr was able to help me. I am now on the mend and so happy that I was lucky enough to find her.

J.W. Healthgrades

Dr. Denmark is the most compassionate/intuitive/brilliant medical professional I've ever had the privilege of getting an appointment for consultation. Walking in with fears and leaving with sound, practical advice has made me understand that with aging, you have to change your diet. The terrible stabbing pain ceased. She listened and with questions and answers, got right to the problem.She spent a lot of time with me. Thank you so much.

J. Healthgrades

Experienced and knowledgeable about GI issues. Dr. Denmark was quick and efficient with my exam and diagnosis. The surgical center was totally overbooked the day I went for my exam, but these things happen.

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Considered the "gold standard" in testing for colon cancer, a colonoscopy is the most comprehensive examination that helps to find and remove polyps within one test. You can schedule a colonoscopy with Dr. Vera Denmark in Weston, MA by contacting our team. A colonoscopy just may save your life. If you would like to learn more about how to schedule or prepare for a colonoscopy, contact our expert team at Denmark Digestive Health today.

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