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Concierge Membership

Membership Benefits


Direct Communication

We believe that best medical care is provided by building a longitudinal relationship with a patient. Longitudinal patient knowledge informs many decision making and saves on unnecessary testing. At Denmark Digestive Health you will be interacting with Dr. Denmark for all your appointments and phone calls with no physician intermediaries.


Easy Access

Your calls are answered live during business hours with little hold time. If your call is not answered immediately, you may be prompted to leave a message and our staff will return all calls within an hour.


Prompt Scheduling

We strive to accommodate all new patient appointments within 7 business days and all urgent follow ups within 2 business days.


Procedure Availablity

Minimally invasive diagnostic procedures may be performed in the office during your visit. Other procedures will be expedited.


Nutrition Emphasis

We emphasize nutritional counseling during appointments and discuss dietary choices in detail. When appropriate, we refer you to a knowledgeable GI nutritionist for a more in depth consultation and management.


On Call Coverage

Dr. Denmark will be covering all your urgent inquiries and concerns by phone after hours and on weekends.


Admitting Privileges

Dr. Denmark has admitting privileges at Newton Wellesley Hospital. If you require a hospital admission she will follow you in the hospital and communicate with the hospital team to ensure appropriate care is received.


Referral Network

Dr. Denmark works closely with a team of excellent nutritionists, surgeons and other specialists to guide you in the directions which serves you best. Dr. Denmark stays in close communication with these providers to ensure a team like approach to your care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is concierge care different from regular GI care?

We limit the size of our patient panel to be able to spend more time with our patients during appointments and to accommodate patients needs in a timely manner. Patients will have little to no office wait time. Appointments will generally take 30-40 min and include nutritional counseling and dietary recommendations. Patients will have Dr. Denmark’s cells phone number and email to be able to message her off hours and on weekends. All results will be communicated to patients directly by Dr. Denmark.

Do I still need insurance if I enroll with you?

Yes. Your annual membership fee only pays for the non-clinical, non-covered benefits; specifically timely direct access to the physician, procedure accommodations and after hours and weekend coverage. The fee does not take the place of general health insurance coverage. You are advised to continue your Medicare or other health insurance program coverage.

Will my private insurance reimburse my annual membership fee?

The annual membership fee is not reimbursable by your insurance plan.

What about labs, X-rays and hospitalizations?

All medical procedures and services, whether performed in the Practice or by other providers or health care facilities, will be billed by the performing entity.

What if I need to see another specialist or a surgeon?

Your physician will be able to help you decide which specialist to see and to coordinate such consultations in a timely manner. Your physician will then communicate with other specialists you are seeing to formulate a comprehensive approach to your treatment plan and to share records and other relevant information.

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